President Rayale visits Tog Wajale, Arabsiyo, Gabilay and Kala Baydh.

Hargeisa ( President of Somaliland, Mudane Dahir Rayale Kahin today made an unannounced inspection on the following projects;

The New bridge currently under construction in Hargeisa.
The Hargiesa Power plant.
The Gabilay Hospital project.
The Gabilay Municipality office.
The customs and border office in Kala Baydh.

President Rayale also made a visit to the town of Tog Wajale and was welcomed to the town by the Mayor, senior members of the local council, the elders and general public of town.

Abdi Saleban Hersi, a community elder, formally welcomed the President to the area and praised the efforts on the Somaliland government on its recent internal and external victories. Abdi Saleban stated that Tog Wajale is a town which brings together a lot of diverse peoples from the region, and its imperative that the Somaliland government undertakes projects to improve the local facilities, primarily Water and Health.

In response, President Rayale thanked the people of Tog Wajale for their warm welcome and assured the residents of the area, that the Somaliland government will soon complete the water project intended for Tog Wajale and its surrounding area. Mudane Rayale praise the residents of the region for their efforts to maintain peace and security in such a strategic part of the country. The President also encouraged the business community to invest in local projects.

President Rayale also paid a visit to the town of Arabsiyo for a luncheon with the local community. After the luncheon, President Rayale addressed brief remarks to the residents of the area and congratulated them on the many projects under way there. Mudane Rayale also thanked the community for their support of the Somaliland government ‘s efforts to secure international recognition and maintain the path towards democracy.

President Rayale was accompanied on his inspection by several members of cabinet, the Somaliland representative to Norway and members of the Somaliland overseas communities.

Source Qarannews

U dhaaf Halcelis

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